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Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera 23mm aperture


Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera

Digitize your microscope with this low cost camera kit. It comes with software and USB cable. You can simply replace one of your microscope eyepiece with this camera and plug the USB cable to the computer. You will be able to view the images live and capture image or video by a mouse click.

  • Model: BAM423
  • Eyepiece Digital Camera for Microscope
  • USB 2.0 Output
  • 1.3M: Resolution 1280x 1024
  • 52mmx 23mm

    This eyepiece digital camera (USB2.0) is professionally designed for traditional microscopes. It works perfectly with all kinds of optical microscopes, such as Biological microscope, Metallurgical microscope and Stereo microscope, etc.

    The images of the observed specimen or samples can be accurately displayed on the computer screen. The powerful, advanced software included with the camera ensures simple and convenient operation allowing easy capture of images from the microscope!

    Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera 23mm aperture

    General Features:

  • Resolution: 1280x 1024 pixels
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Camera Size: 52mm (L) x 23mm (D)
  • Sensor: 1/4in Color CMOS
  • Video frame Rate: up to 30 frame-per-second, 15fps at 1.3M
  • CD Content: Dino Capture application software
  • Compatible Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP, Vista and most MAC OS
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Camera Size: 52mm (L) x 23mm (D)
  • Sensor: 1/4in Color CMOS
  • Video frame Rate: up to 30 frame-per-second, 15fps at 1.3M
  • Illumination: x4 built-in white LEDs
  • Save File format: BMP, JPG, AVI
  • Compatible Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP,Vista and most MAC OS
  • Microscope Dimensions and Weight:
  • Body length: 4 inches, 10.2 cm
  • Body Diameter: 2.3in (H)x 1.3in(D);AM-423 B - 2.2in(H) x 1.6in(D)
  • Cable length: 6 feet / 180 cm
  • Mechanical Layout:
  • Body with USB cable: 0.2 lbs / 95g 10g
  • Total unit with cable weight: 0.62 lbs / 280g 20g (not including manual)
  • Camera Size: 52mm (L) x 23mm (D) / 30mm (D) (AM423B)
  • Regulatory Approvals:

    What's Unique About B-AM423?

  • A package with software to capture images, videos, USB cable and adapters to convert conventional microscope to a digital system with limited budget.
  • Simple to install: Pull out one of the eyepiece, insert the camera, ready to use.
  • Versatile: can be inserted in eyepiece tube or C-Mount port.

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    • Model: B-AM423
    • 100 Units in Stock
    • Manufactured by: BigC

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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 31 December, 2008.