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ADAM-MC Consumable Kit (400 tests)


The ADAM-MC is a fast alternative to conventional manual counting methods. The principle of the technique used in the ADAM-MC is the well known method of fluorescence microscopy, implemented in a small, highly advanced fluorescence microscope combined with a CCD camera and software-based image analysis. The excitation source is green LED. The emission filter removes all wavelengths from the light emitted from the sample except red fluorescence light. The red fluorescent light from the particles in the sample is focused onto the detector (CCD camera). Then image analysis program counts the red particles to represent the cell number in the sample.

The Adam-MC Consumable Kit provides the AccuChip and needed consumables to work with the Adam series cell counters.

  • Model: DB-ADKT
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: NanoEnTek

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