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Cryo Cooler for Tissue Homogenization


The CryoCooler is a valuable tool that helps to preserve the integrity of frozen vials of cultured cells and tissue specimens during routine handling. The CryoCooler well contains a pillow that adsorbs liquid nitrogen. Once charged, the pillow slowly releases liquid nitrogen vapor which can keep samples in the CryoCooler's well at temperatures below -130°C for up to five hours. The CryoCooler is very useful for preparing stored tissue for RNA isolation or for the sorting of frozen vials.

CryoCooler is designed for CryoGrinder to process tissue samples at low temperature and preserve the integraty of the RNA, protein, enzymes.

CryoCooler and CryoGrinder can replace a high cost Freezer Mill. Call for technical details.

CryoCooler flyer

CryoGrinder Technical Note

  • Model: OP-CL10
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: OPS Diagnostics

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