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Fluorescent Inverted Digital Microscope System

The iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System is a multicolor fluorescence imaging system integrated with image analysis software and an onboard computer. With the iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System, you can obtain high resolution, publication-quality images without the complex steps necessary with a conventional fluorescence microscope. Bring your digital imaging to a new level with the iRiS™ Digital Cell Imaging System.


  • High quality objectivs
  • Scientific CMOS
  • High resolution bright field and phase contrast imaging
  • Three color LED fluorescent light sources
  • Easy to use software and analysis capabilities
  • Time lapse & Z stack imaging Call for more information and free onsite demonstration
    • Model: LB-DM99
    • 2 Units in Stock
    • Manufactured by: Logos Bio

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