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Monthly Specials For October

Microscope Eyepiece USB Camera
$589.00USD  $380.00USD
Save: 35% off
Minilys personal tissue homogenizer
$3,950.00USD  $1,995.00USD
Save: 49% off
24 Sample TIssue Homogenizer with Dry Ice cooling
$7,245.00USD  $6,980.00USD
Save: 4% off
Microscope Eyepiece USB Camera with Adapters
$589.00USD  $350.00USD
Save: 41% off
PrecellysDual tissue homogenizer, Demo
$9,990.00USD  $4,100.00USD
Save: 59% off
Cryolys cooling unit for Precellys homogenizers
$6,175.00USD  $2,800.00USD
Save: 55% off
Tissue homogenzing CK28 7ML tubes
$216.00USD  $160.00USD
Save: 26% off
Precellys24 Tissue Homogenizer Demo
$8,990.00USD  $4,050.00USD
Save: 55% off