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lab shakers and shakers for flask, microplates and incubators. Many models of lab shakers and accessories are available. Incubating shakers and automated shakers with liquid handling for gel and Western Blot processors

High Quality The Pressure Injection Cell is made with the finest methods and components, thereby enabling you to acquire very accurate data. The high quality stainless steel fittings and valve are made by Swagelok. The body and cap of the pressure chamber are nickel coated. Special features not found elsewhere include a recess in the cap to allow easy access to the sample tube and a hexagonal shape to help align the cap to the body. > Reliable The Pressure Injection Cell's simple, rugged design and the use of top components ensure years of trouble free use and quality performance. > High Value The simple and reliable product design, efficient manufacturing, internet marketing, and our low overhead enable us to sell the Pressure Injection Cells at a price almost 50% less than competitors charge. We don't skimp on quality; we make the best product available. However, we do pass the savings along to our customers. > Risk Free The Pressure Injection Cell comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Features Easy sample tube removal since the tube protrudes above the bottom section of the pressure injection cell. O-ring seal at interface ensures no leakage. Rated for 2500 psi (17,000 kPa), ideal for consistent results with bottled gas. Available in 8500 psi (56,000 kPa) version Includes a 3-way valve for easy switching between pressurization and release of pressure 3 bolts tightly clamp the top section to the bottom. Holds 0.5 to 2 ml microcentrifuge/Eppendorf tubes and 12 x 32 mm (glass) vials. Includes operator's manual; 10 reusable ferrules for typical (380 µm outside diameter) capillaries (other ferrules are available); and 1.5 mL of Kasil and 0.5 mL of formamide and a cleaving tool for making your own frits. Available with integrated magnetic stirplate. Warranty: 2 years parts and labor."/>